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If you or a loved one is going through a deep emotional or physical trauma and need help, turn to Tao Therapies in Milford, CT. I combine distance healing, massage, and Reiki with other traditional practices to promote overall well-being of my clients. I will partner with you to explore the wonders of the energetic healing modalities and facilitate the healing process with energy work.

Take Charge of Your Life

I will work with you to treat your chakra balances, energetic attachments, emotional blocks, and physical conditions that prevent you from living a peaceful life. With a comforting voice and gentle, energetic touch, I will remove your blocks due to emotional and physical trauma, free stagnant energy, and clear and balance the chakra system. I will utilize my 10 years of experience and in-depth knowledge to offer you the best methods of self-healing and self-improvement.

In My No Judgment Zone, Everyone Shines!

Tao Therapies provides a warm and compassionate space where clients can relax and fnd their path to recovery. I bring you a gallery of my 

comfortable office. Please click here to enter my beautiful world.

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